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Who is the animator?

• Creative, fun leisure time organiser,
• Program Manager,
• Fitness and wellness consultant,
• Personal-trainer

He keeps in touch with customers in order to provide an unforgettable experience with lot of creative activity, fun game and program

The animators can:

– dancing
– Sports activities ( Football, basketball, volleyball, etc)
– Nordic Walking
– Zumba, Aerobic
– Face Paiting, Henna, Glitter,
– Painting portrait, Cartoons
– Artisan programs,
– Ballon Folding

They can make many thematic shows:

– Copacabana show
– Abba Show
– Grease Show
– Africa Show
– Tales of 1001 Nights
– Flair show
– Clown
– Captain Pirate show
– Retro show

Our animators

Our animators are such youthful, creative, athletic, smart and fun program managers who have professional qualifications. Most of them took part in foreign practice or training.

They are multilingual, which is essential to communicate with foreign guests. All of them have the abilities and the characteristics which lifts them from the others.

The extraordinary diversity is represented by the following examples. Some of them doing zumba, kangoo, sailing, caving, Nordic Walking and there is someone who is a freelance actress. Besides having kindergarden teacher or teacher education as well.