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Dear Mr./Mrs.!

We appreciate that you are interested in our products.
Please fill the form to get precise information about the ordered game type and quantity and after that we can offer you a final quote.

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Useful information:

The products are fabricated abroad and a Hungarian transport company bring it where your company is.
Imports of goods required by boat or by air.
For this reason, the final price of a product is made up of four values:

  1. Price (amount listed next to the products)
  2. Shipping costs (depending on product size, weight, mode of importation)
  3. Customs charge (depending on product size, weight)
  4. General sales tax

Delivery time from order to the delivery by plane: 1 month
Delivery time from order to the delivery by ship: 2 months
Payment method: bank transfer of the total amount
The order of the completed form by submitting a written format.

The information can help you determine exactly, the price of the product you wish to order.